Winds for aerodrome area.

constituents U0, U50, U100, U150, U200, U250, U300, U400, U500, U600, U700, U800, U900, U1000 – indicate wind AGL (Above Ground Level), and constituents U1500, U3000, U5000, U7000, U10000 – indicate wind AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level) namely absolute height.

Numbers 00, 03 … 21 stand for hours. If data is collected form hour 00 (were transmitted before 12 GMT) then their order 00 – 21 is natural, however data from 12GMT have the following order: 12, 15, 18, 21, 00, 03, 06, 09.

Signatures below the pictures identify precise validity period of the forecast.

U[kt] – wind given in knots [kt=knots]
ATS – Air Traffic Services
Valid – (validity) validity time given