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Dear users,
We would like to inform you that from September 2nd a test form of the GAFOR forecast is available on our webpage. Please send your comments and suggestions to gafor@imgw.pl that will contribute to product development.
Click on the bold red name to decode a message. 14:01 18.09.2020
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METAR EPBY 181200Z 31009KT 280V340 CAVOK 18/04 Q1028=

METAR EPGD 181200Z 31010KT CAVOK 17/05 Q1028 =

METAR EPKK 181200Z 28005KT 210V310 CAVOK 16/06 Q1028 =

METAR EPKT 181200Z 34005KT 240V050 CAVOK 16/05 Q1028 =

METAR EPLB 181200Z 31010KT 270V360 CAVOK 17/05 Q1026 =

METAR EPLL 181200Z 31009KT CAVOK 17/04 Q1028 =

METAR EPMO 181200Z 30009KT 260V320 CAVOK 18/04 Q1027 =

METAR EPPO 181200Z 31006KT CAVOK 18/01 Q1029 =

METAR EPRA 181200Z 32008KT CAVOK 16/07 Q1027=

METAR EPRZ 181200Z 32010KT 270V010 9999 FEW046 16/04 Q1027 =

METAR EPSC 181200Z VRB03KT CAVOK 18/08 Q1029 =

METAR EPSY 181200Z 32009KT 280V360 CAVOK 17/07 Q1027=

METAR EPWA 181200Z 32009KT 270V340 CAVOK 18/05 Q1027 NOSIG=

METAR EPWR 181200Z VRB02KT CAVOK 17/04 Q1029 =

METAR EPZG 181200Z VRB03KT CAVOK 18/M00 Q1030 =
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